Friday, April 1, 2016

Making Sashimi, Korean Rice Cakes, Radish Kimchi and Garabaldi Biscuits

I'm quite the homemaker now that I'm on a frugal lifestyle. Cooking has become a hobby or at most times a necessity as it's cheaper and healthier than eating out. 

Whole salmon was on special so I bought the one for £14 and had it filleted. I asked to keep the head too. (I'm Asian after all!) I note to to ask to keep the bellies because they keep it otherwise. 

I'm surprised cats didn't follow me because I smelt fishy carrying it home. I washed the fish and cut 14 fillets for freezing. The off cuts were used for sashimi. That's right, I eat raw fish from the supermarket. I'm not guaranteeing you won't get sick but I've not had an issue with eating fresh Scottish farmed salmon raw. Just get it super fresh, wash it, pat dry and slice before eating. Your nose should know if it's bad. At least that's my motto.

I'm addicted to Maangchi videos on youtube and made hot and spicy ricecakes, Tteokbokki. For the cylindrical rice cake, garaetteok, I misread the recipe and made them with rice flour instead of short grain rice flour. Instead of going to the shops, I used the organic brown sushi rice in our pantry to make the flour for garaetteok. This time it's healthier with more chewiness. I soaked the rice for a day and let it strain for two hours. Then I put it through a coffee grinder. It was hard work kneading the dough but I made a lot of rice cakes for the freezer.

I picked up some mooli on sale so made kimchi as I'm running low. It's easier to make than normal kimchi. I threw in some homegrown perilla leaves for a change of flavour. 

And finally I'm baking my own Garabaldi biscuits. I love the storebought kind and this way I get my fix fresher with no additives. Can't resist these things with a cup of earl grey with milk.

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