Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Beast's Maiden Voyage

I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty impressed with my partying efforts this weekend. I went to Ministry Of Sound for the first time and did'nt get home until daylight. Finally that's checked off my London Stuff To Do.

Also went a friend's birthday party and dragged myself out of bed the next morning. I had to meet a friend in Regents Park with The Beast. 

The sun was out for her maiden voyage. It was sheer enjoyment flying around my neighborhood on a bike. The blossoms are coming out too. It was glorious spring weather.

We've found an route from my flat to Regents so traffic is no longer a problem. Can't wait to go again next weekend!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Justice Is Served

I received an email:

Hi Emma,

I’ve just had a memo from Westminster Magistrates Court and the male who tried to pickpocket you has changed his plea to guilty and been sentenced to a total of 42 weeks in prison.  This consists of 22 weeks for the offence against you and 20 weeks for another pickpocket offence.

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Having a birthday on a Friday rocks. Everyone at work is relaxed and in the mood for treats. (A UK office tradition-if it's your birthday, you bring in the goodies.)

A dear friend took me to Roka, a Japanese fusion restuarant in Canary Wharf. The food is exquisite and I loved unwrapping pressies afterwards.

Came home with two bunches of gorgeous flowers. 

Finished my circle skirt on Saturday. I stayed back almost an hour from class but I wanted a double fold hem, not a single. Yes it really matters!

Had St Paddy day drinks at The Betsy Smith in Kilburn Park. It's the funkiest pub I've ever seen and the decor was quirky to say the least.

We had Guiness Car Bombs. Proudly poured by our friendly bartender!

A shot of Jamieson and Bailey's. Plop into a pint of Guiness and down the hatch before it curdles.

Joint birthday party at Gem Bar in Soho. It was a fabulous night out!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Enter The Beast

Introducing my new bike from Gumtree.

The previous owner was tall and I could'nt even swing my leg over the seat. It was impossible to test drive without performing a comical display of FAIL.

But on an impulse I bought The Beast anyway. Gave her my cash and wheeled it away like walking an elephant.

On the way to the nearest bike shop, I turned into a side street, checked for the all clear and attempted to get on. I perched on the kerb with The Beast positioned at a 45 degree angle.

It was wobbly. Perilous. There is was a second where either my jeans would split from a un-ladylike fling of the leg or I'd topple over if I didn't peddle fast enough. Like trying to clamber onto a running horse.

A car swung into the street so I gingerly dismounted and looked "cool". And headed straight to the bike shop for critical seat alterations.

The guy there told me The Beast was too big but I figure there'll be a way to tame it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sew Over It

Since childhood I've dreamed of making my own clothes. But a lack of technique and training has shied me away from the prospect of wearing something I made myself.

Until now. I signed up for an Introduction To Dressmaking course and now I'm halfway making a circle skirt. With a zipper and waistband. Yup, I finally know how to fit a zipper!

The course is in North Clapham at a quaint sewing cafe (yes, where you can sew and have tea) called Sew Over It. It's run by the tutor Lisa. She's knowledgeable and lovely.

My first half day was wonderful. In fact I don't think I've ever been so dedicated and focused on what some would consider work. But it's not work, to me it's a passion. When I finished the zipper, I felt a huge sense of pride. I can't wait to see how my skirt turns out!