Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paris in Spring

It's spring time in Paris. The gardens are burgeoning with nouvelle fleurs. Pushing up  colours from the earth. The city blooming. It's still cold but I love Paris every time of the year.
The first thing I did after arriving in Paris was to catch up with a girlfriend and her new baby. We had lunch on Rue de Mouffetard, a cobblestoned street of restaurants. 

Then I walked to St Germain Des Pres, passing through Jardin Du Luxembourg which was looking glorious with magenta tulips. I met my Singaporean friends (who arrived in Paris a day earlier) at Le Deux Margots and we walked to La Tour Effiel, where I met another friend from Annecy.

We had dinner together at my favourite restaurant, La Nouvelle Epoque. The owner now knows me by name. He gave us the warmest welcome and seated is in a cosy corner at front of the restaurant. 

As always at La Nouvelle Epoque, the food and evening was amazing. And that night three new fans of La Nouvelle Epoque came to be.

Afterwards we went to La Champs Elysees for shopping at Sephora. It was nearly midnight by the time we finished. We were staying at Rue La Tertre, near the Sacre Cour and could'nt bear walking uphill to get home from the metro so we took a cab.

Our cab driver was really friendly and did'nt mind stopping briefly so my friends could take a picture of the Moulin Rouge. 

Our loft apartment was cosy and faced a delightful cobblestoned square with cafes and in the daytime, painters sell their artworks. But that wasn't the best part, Ken said you can see the Effiel Tower from our apartment. I was expecting it to be like a tiny spot when I was told to open the skylight over my bed. There was actually a gorgeous Parisian skyline with the Effiel tower beaming like a lighthouse. You couldn't believe my surprise when I poked my head out of the roof to see this!

The next day we went to the Richard Lenoir markets for fresh produce. We ordered croque monsieurs at a cafe by the Bastille and they were delicious. Grilled to perfection with the right combos of tasty cheeses. 

We then headed to the center of town and took a leisurely stroll along the Seine before I went back to Gare Du Nord for the Eurostar home.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Start To The Early May Bank Holiday Weekend

Kim and I took advantage of deal for a facial, only £10 including a glass of bubbly. We took a stroll through of Camden on the way and saw lots of colourful blooms. 
Then the next day, it was off to Florence!

Girlie Night Out In London

It was me and Kim hitting the town. Happy hours and a late supper at Zolio's. A small but wonderful Argentinian restaurant. The food and atmosphere was divine!

Friday, May 3, 2013

How To Beat Stress

The past few days of stress brought on by lack of sleep has rendered me a crazy woman. I finally cracked it when I was denied entry at my gym and missed Zumba.

I was so angry my eye was twitching. Surely the staff thought I was mental. They wouldn't let me through even though I said I'd sort out whatever the issue was after. I walked away slumped and sad because by the time it was all sorted out, it was too late to make the class. 

I love Zumba and I do it almost everyday. Even though I dance like a puppy with oversized paws, I'm slowly improving. All the good stuff you hear about Zumba is true and after a class, I feel like a brand new person. 

After the working week was done, I went to Hampstead Heath for a calming stroll. It was beautiful with the spring blooms and the evening sun. The air was noticeably fresher. I can actually breathe from the bottom of my lungs.