Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vienna-The First Night

I joined Lisa in Vienna while she's backpacking in Europe.

I arrived at Wombats hostel, finding Lisa expertly organising tomorrow night's piss-up with a girlfriend she'd just met Amy, her lower bunk buddy.

They took me to a middle eastern diner across the street and I ordered a huge lamb grill. Lisa and Amy raved about a wine called Sturm so it was natural to toast to a fab weekend with it.

Sturm ("schturm") is fermented grape juice. It's deceptively alcoholic. We ordered the "special" (out of the red or white varieties) and it came in a generous serving, chilled and cloudy red. I was hooked instantly. Mix with girl talk and good food, it's pure happiness.

I can't shut up about this stuff. It's slightly fizzy and as sweet as juice. You can't cap the bottles or they'll explode. Only areas in wine growing regions sell Sturm from because it's difficult to store and transport.

The owners were having a late night chat and smoking in the dining area. It's one thing I don't like about Austria-you're allowed to smoke indoors. Even though they have "non-smoking" areas, they are usually at the back of the restaurant and there's a lack of ventilation in winter. My hair and clothes reek of smoke so eewww!

We went back to our dorm and settled to bed. I love this hostel because it's clean and spacious. Even the dorm's bathroom is nicer than the one I have at home!