Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Time in London

It was long awaited but the day finally came. My sister's family and cousin arrived in London. I could'nt wait to see them, especially my darling niece Lillee!

It was great to be reunited with Lillee again. She's no longer the little "raisin" from January but now an active baby. So pretty with her big Chinese eyes and albaster skin. And she smells lovely even though she was on a plane for a day and a half. Isn't she a living doll?

However when arriving to our flat, Lillee chucked up in our living room. There was a big splat on the wooden floorboards. I guess the speedy ride home (thanks to our minicab driver) was too much for poor Lillee.

After everyone settled in, we went for a walk to Camden markets, Regent's Park, and Primrose Hill. I love showing visitors my area and showing it to family made it more special because it feels like different worlds connecting.

They liked my area and had free reign of our one bedroom flat while Grant and I moved to the nearby Premier Inn.

I had two days off work to spend time with them and it was spent shopping all day and eating all night. The next stop on their Euro trip was Dublin and I was joining them for the weekend.