Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Fine Day Singing In The Rain

Today I booked another trip. The Swedish House Party Crew want to see Swedish House Mafia in Stockholm. It will be one of their final concerts as they recently announced plans to split up. For the past two mornings I was queued at the ticket website, only to watch their concerts sell out.

They announced another concert and lo and behold, we got tickets. I'm going back to Sweden in November!

This week I joined the gym in my building at work. Body Attack class is killer.

There was only one other person in the class (it was off peak time) and she left after half an hour. It was a very intense class. So it was just me and the instructor. It was like having a personal trainer for a while!

After work I met my girlfriend in Leicester Square to get tickets to Singin' In The Rain. Despite the many discount ticket sellers, there were no cheap tickets available. We went to the theatre box office and had a choice of £15 for nosebleed and limited visibility seats or £25 for special stall seats with a little limited visibility. We chose the latter and so lucky we did!

Because we ended up with great stall seats, only a five rows from the front of the stage. There were better seats vacant next to ours so we nabbed them.

I was amazed when it actually rained on stage. It was spectacular and we got splashed on by the dancing cast! What a thrill.

We walked out of there with Singin' In The Rain stuck in our heads. And I was humming  all the way home.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gotenborg Summerburst Festival

I was off to Sweden for the Queen's Jubilee extra long weekend. The land of the world's hottest gene pool, meatballs, IKEA, Volvos and did I mention attractive people?

In true transient-style, I took a redicuously early morning Ryanair flight to Gotenburg. There were six of us, with three more coming the day after. We got into our hire Volvo station wagons and navigated to our hostel.

After settling into our dorm, we headed out for some grub. And of course what do I order for my first meal?

These are the best Swedish meatballs I've ever had. Complemented with the creamy brown sauce and ligonberry jam. The latter is served with most meat dishes in Sweden and its not too sweet or sour to overtake the flavours. And the potatoes are really that yellow! They were waxy and I could have eaten them all if I was'nt watching carbs. 

After that incredible meal, we returned to the dorm to get ready for the Summerburst festival. Sadly we were experiencing Sweden's coldest summer in 60 years so it was'nt exactly summery. 

All I can say from this point is that the Swedes are very proper when it comes to alcohol consumption. While it's normal to see people drinking in public in the UK, they don't take it lightly in this country. I know this is a good thing and I'm very sorry I did'nt end up seeing Deadmau5...

...because I woke up in a jail cell at midnight. I kid you not. When I came to, I realised that the night was gone and the police refused to let me out. They told me I had to "sleep it off" for a couple more of hours. There was no criminal record. It was just to be out of sight really.

They took everything. My jacket, handbag, phone, and jewellery. I could'nt call anyone to tell them where I was. There was nothing more to do except throw down the sports mattress propped against the wall and sleep. (Thanks police, for leaving me on the floor). They gave me a blanket after I complained that it was freezing. 

A few hours later, the cell door opened and they let me out. Where was my friend? I asked, remembering that I was taken away with him in an "ambulance" earlier in the night. They said he was released and was waiting outside. 

They gave me back my things with my cash and jewellery sealed in a plastic bag. I was escorted out of a huge police station and at 2pm, the sun was peeking in the horizon. We were outside of Gotenburg so they literally sent us scumbags outside the city limits.

Two other guys had also been newly released, picked up from the festival also. They kindly took us back to our hostel in their cab, bless 'em. 

The rest of my friends cracked up (although they were relieved to see us) when we got back to the dorm. Detained on the first night in Sweden. What roughnecks we were.

My stash. The police put my cash and jewellery in this ziplock bag.

And that's exactly me and my jail partner felt the next morning. We got up early looking for food. I remember us sitting at a cafe, staring blankly at our food, feeling like a dog's breakfast. We were not in a good way.

I managed to survive and three more friends from London showed up and we had an luxe buffet brunch at The Ritz. 

There were lots of marinated herring. In all types of sauces. I was herring-ed out real quick.

After a much needed afternoon nap, we started round 2 of the festival. Avicii was headlining.

The place was heaving with gorgeous people. The concentration of good looking people in this country is criminal.

We made it close to the front of the stage but that was a challenge and I'm not a mosh pit fan. I was getting full body carpet burns when the music hit it's peak and everyone was jumping!

Nightfall finally came and Avicii's set blew me away. Thousands of people were dancing and fireworks went off. When Levels was played, everyone went CRAZY. It was euphoria!