Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Getting Zumba Instructor Jobs

When I decided to teach Zumba, my instructor friends added me onto a number of Facebook groups for Zumba cover. They are private so ask your instructor friends to add you as you can't search for them. Members post jobs that often need to be covered on short notice so keep their notifications on.

There are quite a groups for London although if you live in smaller areas, you might need to check the Zumba Instructor Network forums in your district.

I used Facebook groups to find my first Zumba instructor job. I managed to get regular work from cover jobs so they're worth putting your hand up for when you're starting out. It took a lot of persistence as the easy-to-get-to cover jobs get snapped up quickly.

If you private message someone, make sure to comment on their post so they know to check their filtered requests inbox. If you're not friends with that person on Facebook, they won't see the message in their usual inbox.

I've learned that it doesn't take much to get the job if you respond early, know the instructor (or rather, they know you) or they are desperate for cover. Keep your responses simple. Most people just want to know that you're experienced so just say where you have taught before. Since jobs get covered quickly, expect minimal response as sometimes the instructor will only comment to the original post to say cover is found.

It's important to ascertain these three details before committing to a job:

1) If you need to be on the facility's payroll as otherwise, who will pay you and by when. If paid directly by the instructor, chase them straight away if payment is late. You have little recourse if they fail to pay you.
2) How to play music through the sound system. What type of cables do you need to connect your device? Some gyms require that CDs are to be used to meet music licensing requirements.
3) The full name of the person you are covering as sometimes they go by an alias on Facebook. Check the gym's timetable to verify they are the usual instructor because it's questionable on how you will get paid if you or they are not on the payroll.

The second way to get work as a Zumba instructor is to contact gyms directly. Most of them have a Zumba cover list so ask to be added on. Try to get on their payroll as it opens up more cover opportunities, especially at the big gyms like Virgin Active, LA Fitness, Nuffield or Fitness First. To secure a permanent class you might need to audition.

I've been lucky approaching two local independent gyms. I got cover work from these gyms and then was given the classes permanently. Class co-ordinators like that you live nearby so make a mention of it.

The last way to get work is to create it although I don't have advice on this. If you're super confident and enterprising, the rewards of running your own classes can be significantly higher than teaching at a gym.

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